It collects 150 thousand euros of funds for the sick child and spends them with prostitutes. The child dies at 2 years


Takes i 150 thousand euros donated for the sick child and spend it to have fun in a hard party: and the child dies at 2 years. A shocking story that comes from Brazil, where the little one Joao Miguel Alves, who suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, lost his battle and died last October 17: his father, the 37-year-old Mateus Henrique Leroy Alves, he has been arrested.Read also> Cristian Farris disappeared in Orroli: his van found carbonized

After the child was diagnosed with the disease, Mateus and his wife Karine Rodrigues had launched a fundraising campaign for little Joao: a dose of the drug administered cost in fact over 80 thousand euros and the government had agreed to pay only the first three treatments . The money collected was many, well over 230 thousand euros, after a long marathon of charity.

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Cure in Joao started last year in August: the money collected was in four bank accounts. But last May the 37-year-old would start taking large sums of money: when his wife noticed, and after Mateus left her and the child to move to a hotel, he reported him.

The man would have spent several weeks at the hotel in the company of prostitutes, spending almost 150 thousand euros on clothes, watches, alcohol and drugs: when he was arrested, he claimed to have been the victim of extortion by crime. Only the investigations will be able to establish what the truth is, if the man is really a victim or if, perhaps in desperation for his sick child, he has chosen to let himself go to perdition.

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