Investigation opened after the broadcast of a shock video of L214 in a calf farm


The images published by L214 show calves are frequently manhandled with kicks and punches. – L214 image

  • The L214 association has published a new shock video shot in a sorting center for dairy calves in Finistere.
  • The prosecutor's office in Brest announced that he had opened an investigation.
  • The company Ouest Elevage, which owns the sorting center, condemned the acts of cruelty and announced that it was going to tighten controls.

Young calves hit and mistreated. In a new shock video, the L214 association showed acts of cruelty perpetrated on
dairy calves in a Finistere farm. This sorting center belonging to the company Ouest Elevage will be the subject of an investigation, we learned from the prosecutor's office of Brest. "I opened a preliminary inquiry into the facts complained of," said the prosecutor
Brest Jean-Philippe Recapped.

Shot by a whistleblower who worked as a buyer of calves for this subsidiary of Laïta, itself belonging to the Even group (Breton peasant, Mamie Nova, Regilait, etc.), the images show calves kicked and killed. fist or euthanized. "We strongly condemn the blows to the calves," reacted Tuesday in a statement West Elevage, announcing the passage a reinforcement of controls on its sites. The association L214 had announced to have filed a complaint with the parquet floor.

The prefecture of Finistere had also reacted, condemning "intolerable and unacceptable practices," noting that controls would continue but warning that "the state services do not react under pressure from the media."



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