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Beppe Marotta returns to talk about the winter market. He does it in Reggio Calabria, on the occasion of the second edition of the "Oreste Granillo" Award, received for having distinguished himself in his professional field. These are his main statements at the event, between field and market: "I am very happy and excited to be here, it is something that satisfies me and gratifies a lot. I am honored to receive this award named after an important figure like Granillo, who I had no way of knowing directly but they spoke very well about me, a person who from his simplicity had very great values ​​and who took Reggina up high was a football from another era that no longer exists ".MARKET – "The January market session is poor, don't find great opportunities when you have great values ​​in pink. I don't know what the market can offer, there is no availability of important players".

I WALK – “We have started a path that must be gradual, there are superior realities, as Inter we are traveling along this new cycle started with Conte. It is perfect for this historic moment of Inter, one of the best in circulation that can convey important values. Company, Conte and I had the courage to take a difficult path that is giving us satisfaction even if it is still early. The Italian championship is the most beautiful in Europe, just look at the difficulties with the less titled teams. It will be a gradual journey, without pressure and without getting involved by those looking for antagonists of Juve. We think of our daily growth, I think of Esposito who has already made his debut in the Champions League and Serie A, a great pride ".

CHAMPIONSHIP – TO Sky Sports, Marotta added: "So high in the rankings? We don't want to look at others, at ourselves and at home, to always improve. The goal is this, the results are proving us right, the work is rewarded. Scudetto with Conte? This is not the goal we set for ourselves this year, the cycle started to bring Inter back up, but it is a gradual process of growth and this year is a starting point, there are things that can be improved, but everything must happen with great tranquility. The Inter shirt is heavy, this must be known, the palmares is full of successes ".

MIDFIELD – "Normal the difficulties in a moment of compression of commitments and with some defections. Legitimate the state of apprehension of the technician. But there is also the awareness to face the market of January looking at what it contains. The midfield is to be supported better because there are risks of defection ".

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