Inter, Candreva and Lukaku are the cuirassiers of Conte. GdS: "Romelu …"


Today's edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport analyzes Romelu's performance Lukaku and Antonio Candreva, both to sign against Parma and authors of a positive start to the season under the guidance of Conte: "To take two potentially antipodalists for status, moment of career, enthusiasm that they create in the fans. Take them and make them your cuirassiers. Antonio Conte chose them early, to make them the "manifesto" of his Inter: Lukaku and Candreva. The international star, highly paid and universally recognized, but also of "discontinuity" with respect to the predecessor (Icardi) for wanting to put himself at the service of the group. The Italian recycled, made from the bottom of the hierarchies and from the bottom of the esteem of its fans. The international dimension and the working class, together for Inter: yesterday, together also in the scorer report and in the draw. In the next, together to pull the cart, with Candreva who has now convinced even the most skeptical and Romelu who seems to play with skepticism, ending up stamping the card when the gallery's level of moans is ready to rise. But his coach never questioned him. Indeed, it constantly indicates it for example".

LUKAKU GETS THE GOALS – The first months of Inter for Lukaku they were not simple and the criticisms rained more for the performance than for the goals: the Belgian is already at 6 goals in the first 9 days, a performance that, in the Nerazzurri, could not be seen from Milito. "The Belgian has fun, retracing those footsteps, almost sacred on this side. He does it with his big feet and his pounds of muscles, he does it by hunching himself to defend the shoulder ball at the door, sometimes making mistakes, but also showing an unexpected rapidity in turning and pulling. As if some clumsy games were a mask, to hit better, more surprising when it counts. Effectiveness is out of the question, as confirmed by the 6 goals scored with 10 total shots in the door mirror. The desire to be useful is testified by the 4 banks of last night, but also by some defensive interventions of the head, on Parma's places. Cuirassier, well paid, but still a soldier ", analyze the Rosea.

CANDREVA IN ORBITA – Author of the first goal, the second consecutive after the one at Dortmund, Antonio Candreva is becoming the weapon in more than Inter di Conte. "Not just recoveries (yesterday 4, one with a backward run of 80 meters in the final), not just cross (10), but also decisive play. The low shot is deflected, but this year everything works, the position at the time of the assist is discussed, but even technology now awards Candreva. And he is more "contiano" than Conte, more angry than the coach for the 2-2", La Gazzetta

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