indicted for rape, a police officer placed in custody in Angers


The court of Angers. – JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

  • The police officer was indicted on 12 September for rape, harassment and sexual assault.
  • The lawyer of this man ensures that his client contests "the most serious accusations"

His detention on remand was ordered by the Angels Court of Appeals. A 50-year-old peacekeeper was detained after being indicted on September 12 by a magistrate
for rape, harassment and sexual assault.

The official is targeted by the complaints of eight women who denounced his actions, according to sources close to the case. One of them said that she was raped. The facts were committed between May 2018 and May 2019: the peacekeeper had been assigned, a few months earlier, the neighborhood police station La Roseraie in Angers. In the course of his new duties, the officer allegedly abused his status to obtain or attempt to obtain sexual favors.

The man challenges "the most serious charges"

The liberty and detention judge had ordered his placement under judicial supervision, against the opinion of the prosecutor's office, which had required his imprisonment. But the magistrates of the court of appeal decided Wednesday to reverse the decision of the judge of freedoms and detention. The Angers public prosecutor immediately appealed the judge's order and the Appeals Chamber of the Court of Appeal examined the case in an in camera hearing on 9 October.

For Isabelle Oger-Ombredane, who defends the interests of two plaintiffs, Wednesday's decision shows "there is no special treatment" and that the judiciary "worked well". "The investigating chamber has a strict application of the criminal law," said in turn the lawyer's officer, Olivier Rolland who recalls that his client challenges "the most serious allegations".

Entered by the Angers public prosecutor, the IGPN is in charge of the investigation. From an administrative point of view, the official was officially suspended by an order of the Minister of the Interior at the end of September.

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