Independents sentenced in Catalonia: thousands of militants storm Barcelona airport (video)


All access to Barcelona's El Prat airport was closed on Monday afternoon. Catalan independence activists went there to block their activities. The action aims to protest the sentencing of nine separatists to terms ranging from 9 to 13 years in prison for their role in Catalonia's attempt to secede in 2017. Inside the airport, the police also began to charge against these protesters, report the Spanish media.

The condemnation of the nine Catalan separatists provoked strong reactions in Catalonia. Separatist activists have called for blocking the Barcelona airport. For example, the Democratic Tsunami platform, via Telegram, broadcast fake boarding cards, which caused a mess at the controls.

Given the tense situation on the spot, the police suspended all access to El Prat, whether by train, subway or car. The train traffic was finally able to resume around 15:00. Hundreds of people have since found themselves having to walk on the highway, sometimes with their suitcases, to reach the scene.

Inside the airport, the police also began to charge protesters, according to videos broadcast on social networks and relayed by the Spanish media. In the center of Barcelona, ​​thousands of protesters are also gathered in plaza Catalunya to express their dissatisfaction with the ruling on Monday morning.

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