In the United States, fish able to live out of water threaten ecosystems


A fish worthy of science fiction has been observed in the state of Georgia in the United States. The animal called Snakehead, or snake-headed fish, is a strange species that can breathe and crawl out of the water like a snake. Local authorities advised the population to kill the animal in case of encounter, the species being extremely invasive.

A dangerous predator that harms the local ecosystem

For the first time, the presence of snakehead fish, nicknamed Frankenfish, has been confirmed in Georgia waters. In fact, an angler reported capturing this fish that could survive outdoors in a pond on a private property in Gwinnett County. The wildlife authorities in Georgia have given direct instructions to anyone who comes into contact with any of these snakehead fish: "Kill him immediately. "

The reason being that Snakeheads are an invasive species that threatens to disrupt the local ecosystem. These fish from the family of ChannidaeNative to Asia and Africa, they are non-native species that risk competing with native species for their food and habitat.

In addition, Snakeheads have a ravenous appetite. They are known to eat not only other fish, but also crustaceans, reptiles, mammals and small birds, including Scott Robinson, a manager of the Wildlife Resources Division from Georgia.

– Brian Gratwicke / Creative Commons

Snakehead regulations in the United States

As to how these fish arrived in Georgia, the local authorities stated their suspicion in an article mentioning that they were introduced during an unauthorized release. Namely, that in Georgia, it is illegal to import, transport, sell, transfer or possess snakehead species without a valid license to own wildlife.

Although this is the first time that snakeheads have been found in Georgia, the presence of the animal has been reported in 14 states of the country. In addition, officials of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources also instructed to photograph the fish and freeze it after killing it.

To recognize the fish, it is distinguished by its long, slender body with a dark marbled appearance, and it can measure nearly a meter long. These are freshwater fish with a fairly common appearance when in the water, but they are easily recognizable when they gesticulate to move on land.

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