"In the old days, rumors annoyed me, and today they make me happy!"


Christian Prudhomme: "In the old days rumors annoyed me, today they make me happy!" – © RTBF

Christian Prudhomme Rumors of the 2020 Tour – 14/10/2019
Interview with Christian Prudhomme

The official route of the 107th Tour de France will be unveiled at noon on Tuesday at the Palais des Congres in Paris, Porte Maillot. As every year, the event will attract more than 3,000 spectators and media from around the world. Only two certainties: the big start will be given on Saturday, June 27, 2020 in Nice and the final finish will take place, as tradition dictates, on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday, July 19th.

One should, in all likelihood, start with the Pyrenees and finish with the Alps. Various rumors report a start of stage on the Ile d'Oleron or a finish on the circuit of Magny-Cours. But these are just rumors! Rumors that make the boss of the Great Loop smile Christian Prudhomme… who does not even try to deny them anymore. He talked about it with Samuel Grulois.

Christian, every year we attend the same "little game of rumor" between journalists and ASO …

"Yes, it's complicated to keep the course secret, of course.The information is often taken out by the regional daily press.The journalists do their job.When they see that the hotels in their city are all full one or two specific dates at In July, it gives them real indications, sometimes the elected officials are so happy that they speak, others give information to the city council and I can not blame them. sometimes people from ASO who forget to unplug their laptops when they send a photo that gives the precise indication of where they are … Formerly, it annoys me Today, very sincerely, I tell myself that the Tour interests When we see that we do the "one" of regional dailies of importance on what are finally only rumors – even if they are sometimes supported and founded – I find it very very strong and, somehow re, I'm happy! "

Do you sign a confidentiality clause to the mayors of the cities concerned?

"No, we're obviously asking them to keep it a secret, but there's no clause, but yes, we tell them that we prefer to keep it secret until the presentation." I often say to the elected officials, do not say that the day before you go to Paris, not before, but there are rumors that go three or four months before the presentation.I was sent a few days ago from Spain a course of the 2020 Tour with a stage in Catalonia, but … it's not true! "

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