in the Oise, a man entrenched at home shot by the GIGN


The GIGN fought back and shot the cut-off man who had just opened fire (illustration). – NICOLAS MESSYASZ

A 73-year-old man, who had entrenched himself at home in the Oise, was shot in the night from Friday to Saturday at around 4am by soldiers from
Intervention group of the national gendarmerie, it was learned from concordant sources.

This Ercuis resident had entrenched himself at home on Friday afternoon, after gendarmes from the Chambly Brigade came to hand him a summons in the context of an investigation for threats to neighbors. He had greeted them with a shotgun, according to a source close to the file.

"Inconsistent remarks"

Forty men from the Gendarmerie group of the Oise, joined by the GIGN, came in support to try to calm him down and to negotiate with him. "The man was making incoherent remarks during the operation," said the Mayor Picard (SE) of the village of 1,600 inhabitants, Jean-Pierre Nigay, adding that "his wife and brother-in-law remained at the end "alongside the police to try to reason with him.

According to a gendarmerie source, the septuagenarian reportedly fired on the soldiers, who fired back.

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