In Paris, the socialist mayor of the 20th arrondissement fires on Anne Hidalgo


Spurned by his party, Frederique Calandra joins for the municipal candidate of the Republic in motion, Benjamin Griveaux.

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Tensions had been high for over a year. The rupture is now consumed between the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and that of 20e district, Frederique Calandra. In 2014, the two women were elected under the same banner, that of the Socialist Party (PS). In 2020, they will go on campaign in opposing camps. Spurned by the PS for the next municipal in her district, Frederique Calandra has indeed chosen to join the candidate of the Republic in motion (LRM), Benjamin Griveaux, she announced Wednesday, October 16.

It should be in a good position – but not necessarily the first one – on the presidential party's list in this big eastern district, one of the most left-wing of the capital. With Benjamin Griveaux, "We were both trained in the crucible of the Republican Left, the one who knows that politics must be strong to help the weakest," she argues in an open letter to residents of the borough.

Anne Hidalgo and those who were preparing for the reelection campaign had decided for several weeks not to reinvest Frederique Calandra, a woman accused of failing to keep his team and having flirted too much with macronistes. In 2017, she had supported the Macroniste Julien Bargeton during the senatoriales. His majority on the borough council then broke out. To replace her, Anne Hidalgo is moving towards a figure of the associative world and the fight against poverty, Eric Pliez, president of the SAMU social in Paris. He should team up with Socialist Thomas Chevandier.

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"Inconsistent decisions" of Hidalgo

In her open letter, Frederique Calandra fires on Anne Hidalgo and her former socialist comrades. She explains that after her re-election in 2014, she met "More and more difficulties to work with the City Hall on certain topics", such as transport or the participatory budget. It evokes "Inconsistent decisions" who have " undermined " rebalancing work in favor of the northeastern poor neighborhoods, and solutions "Tinkering" housing for migrants and homeless people.

"I remain faithful to my convictions on the left, but I do not believe the current Parisian majority can defend them"

The mayor of 20e Arrondissement also challenges Anne Hidalgo's strategy for municipal elections. "Prisoner of her alliances (Communists, Generations, Greens), (…) she has no choice but to carry a project that does not conform to my idea of ​​solidarity, equity and fraternity ", writes Frederique Calandra. "Its entry into the countryside already suggests a demagogic drift", she added, referring to the mayor's support for activists of the ecologist movement Extinction Rebellion, who recently blocked part of the center of Paris. "One may legitimately wonder why these counterproductive actions advance the much needed cause of the environment", She notes.

So many disagreements that explain the choice of Frederique Calandra "Do not solicit the nomination" of the SP for March 2020, according to the version it advances in its open letter. His conclusion: "I remain faithful to my convictions left, but I do not believe the current Parisian majority can defend them. "

Immediate reply from Frederic Hocquard, one of Anne Hidalgo's assistants, on Twitter: "Elected by the voices of the left in 2014, then having exploded its municipal majority, became a minority in its own borough council two years ago and having governed as an autocrat, Frederique Calandra rallies to Benjamin Griveaux. What a terrible example of opportunism! " Between the Paris socialists, friendship belongs to the past.

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