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It is completely correct and appropriate that the Quebec government imposes a test during the selection certificate of his immigrants, "he said in a segment where chiefs were asked whether they would adhere to Quebec's demands.

In the past, the Liberal leader said he preferred to wait until he saw the values ​​test before taking a position.

In the scrum of the press, at the end of the debate, the Liberal leader made it clear that this test only concerned obtaining the selection certificate that is given by Québec.

It has nothing to do with Canadian citizenship. It is a Quebec process that belongs to the Government of Quebec.

Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Quebec, which also plans to impose a French test on immigrants, must obtain the agreement of Ottawa to be able to add questions to the test of knowledge to which newcomers from economic immigration are already subjected.

I do not know the questions that will be asked [in this test]added Mr. Trudeau. I am confident that Quebec will ask the questions that are relevant to their government.

During the debate, Justin Trudeau defended the good relations maintained with Quebec throughout his term, and assured that he recognized the importance of giving him "more control over immigration".

We worked [with Quebec] and Mr. Legault lowered the immigration thresholds because Quebec has a lot of power in this area, more than other provinces, and that's a good thing, he said in a press briefing.

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The day before, Andrew Scheer had also promised more powers to Quebec in immigration, without mentioning the test of values.

During the debate, his vis-à-vis the Popular Party said that the Conservative leader was "not agree" with this test. Maxime Bernier argued that he was "the only" federal party leader "to say yes" to François Legault's requests.

The leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, has already said that it is up to Quebec to decide on the number of newcomers to its territory. Thursday night, Mr. Blanchet called on federal party leaders to commit to giving the Legault government what it is asking for in immigration matters.

A little less than two weeks ago, the Quebec government indicated that the test of values ​​would not ultimately be a criterion for obtaining permanent residence in Canada, as Immigration Minister Simon Jolin- Barrette.

Rather, it is a criterion for obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate, the stage preceding permanent residency and which is strictly the responsibility of the provincial government.

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