IL MATTINO – Naples, performance almost to forget. Victory according to the pre-Champions bignamino


Today's edition of the newspaper Il Mattino, in the space reserved for football, analyzes what happened during the course of Naples-Verona.

Napoli beat Verona 2-0 and managed to redeem themselves after the disappointing 0-0 draw against Walter Mazzarri's Torino. It is the evening of the first real test of character of the season. A success of pride and dignity, without shining in the game. Because the changes of course do not flaunt, they are done. Ancelotti won the victory according to pre-Champions bignamino: that is, without wasting too much energy in the final in which Hellas has been contained in an orderly manner and with great solidity.

In short, as reported by today's edition of the newspaper The morning, Naples has found its head. And it's a good first step. In addition, Carlo also holds the unbeaten defense. Then there is the performance that has been almost forgotten (especially in the first half) and just more lively in the second half. A Naples to do homework, in short, but enough and advancing to bend the Venetians. In three days the Champions League is another test: to be won, even without shine.

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