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For the reopening of their rink after eight away games, the Rheti seemed to be over-excited. From the first minutes of play, the men of Christian Wohlwend took the Seelandese by the throat. Thanks to their speed and forward throwing ability, the HCD players quickly led 2-0.

If they took advantage of a hesitation Elien Paupe to open the mark (11th), this advantage was certainly not undeserved. Shortly after, Otso Rantakari sent a "plum" which he secretly (2-0, 14th). Following Pertha Lindgren's 3-0, Bienne came back.

More leader

When Marc-Antoine Pouliot scored 3-1 in the 38th minute, there was hope that the lone Grison rider would be interrupted. Hope of short duration since the local players immediately took back three minutes ahead by Claude-Curdin Paschoud.

Although one-third remained to play, Bienne has never again illusion and has conceded a fifth goal by Benjamin Baumgartner late in the game (55th). The 5-2 Luca Cunti (58th) was only to embellish the score. After a series of four victories, Antti TOrmanen's men suffered a stoppage and lost their leading position at the expense of Zurich, victorious in Freiburg.

Davos – Biel 5-2 (2-0 2-1 1-1)

Vaillant Arena, 5435 spectators. Referees: MM. Stricker, Borga; Kovacs and Cattaneo.

goals: Tedenby (Herzog) 1-0. 14th Rantakari (Ambuehl, Corvi / 5c4) 2-0. 35th Lindgren (M.Wieser, Palushaj) 3-0. 38th Pouliot (Rajala, Hugli / 5c4) 3-1. 39th Paschoud (Rantakari) 4-1. 55th Baumgartner (Meyer, Ambuehl) 5-1. 58th Cunti (Schneider / 5c4) 5-2.

Davos: Van Pottelberghe; Du Bois, Jung; Rantakari, Paschoud; Stoop, Guerra; Kienzle; Mr. Wieser, Lindgren, Palushaj; Herzog, Corvi, Tedenby; Ambuehl, Baumgartner, Meyer; Frehner, Aeschlimann, D. Wieser; Bader. Coach: Wohlwend.

Biel: Paupe; Rathgeb, Forster; Salmerla, Sataric; Moser, Fey; Kreis; Hugli, Pouliot, Rajala; Riat, Cunti, Kunzle; Schneider, Fuchs, Neuenschwander; Ulmer; Karaffe, Tschantre. Coach: TOrmanen.

Notes: Davos without Hischier, Nygren, Heinen (wounded), Eggenberger and Barandun (supernumerary). Biel without Hiller (spared), UllstrOm (supernumerary foreigner), Kohler (sick), Luthi, Gustafsson, nor Brunner (wounded). Shooting on the amounts: Baumgartner (6th) and Schneider (33rd). Goal canceled for obstruction on the goalkeeper: Aeschlimann (15th).

penalties: 2 x 2 'against Davos; 3 x 2 'against Bienne.

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