Icardi downgrades Inter: "Psg the best team in which I played" | News


For Mauro Icardi "Psg is the best team" I've ever played, For the Argentine there is no comparison with the past. Translated: for Maurito Inter, his Inter, was clearly inferior. Now, if we compare the roses of the past seasons of the two clubs, the words of the former Nerazzurri captain sound like an obviousness that leads to the banal: his Inter militancy coincided with the years of post-Moratti reconstruction, a difficult historical moment and very far from the Parisian splendor made in Qatar. But having said that, perhaps a little more diplomacy was needed. But anyhow, so it went, and in the post Psg-Marseille Icardi expressed personal joy for the double with sweet words for the new teammates.

"The Psg is the strongest team for which I played, I am very well here and there is one good chemistry with classmates". For the former Inter captain are already four goals in the league, seven in five games including all other competitions." Coming to the PSG I knew I should score some goals. This is what I've always done and that's what I wanted to do here, "added Icardi." I played with some really cool players, but this is clearly the best team in which I played".

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