Ibrahimovic-show, gestaccio to the fan and threats: "If I'm leaving, nobody will watch you"


The adventure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in American football. The Swedish striker, defeated by the playoffs with his own Los Angeles Galaxy in the derby against the Los Angeles FC for 3-5, did not take the result well and, at the exit from the field, he also turned a fan to a touch touching the lower parts (in the video, below).

Moreover, as if this were not enough, he opened the farewell in an all-too-eloquent manner, as well as controversy (his contract expired and is officially free): "If I stay, it will be good for the Mls because everyone will watch it. If I leave, nobody will remember what the Mls is"And that's not all: the former Manchester United has raised the issue complaining about the size of the stadium in Los Angeles:"For me, playing here is like training. The stadium is too small for me. To disturb me there must be many more people. I'm used to playing in front of 80 thousand fans. This, in comparison, is a walk in the park ".

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Finally, Zlatan expressed his disappointment at the Western Conference's semi-final defeat against Los Angeles rivals: "It is difficult to win when you receive so many goals, sometimes you just need to score three, but you can't be champion when you collect five. I'm disappointed with a couple of mistakes. "

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