Ibrahimovic, Raiola called Inter. And the Nerazzurri proposal is already there


With Sanchez's injury, Inter looks around for the offensive department and also thinks of a great comeback: that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For now a simple suggestion, but there is a background on this negotiation:

"About three weeks ago, Mino Raiola, the Swedish prosecutor, knocks on the Nerazzurri goal: "At the end of December it is released, isn't it useful?" For goodness sake, the good Mino will have done it also with other teams, but in the new headquarters of Viale Liberazione that door does not close completely. You think about it, talk about it. The considerations make their way between normal doubts and the feeling that it could be a real bargain. The doubts obviously concern age: 38 years ", reveals the Journal.

"The desire is always the same: that of a boy. The physical (almost) also. The aims as well. So here is the deal: Zlatan is a name that can still be used internationally and against opponents, his experience could help. On and off the field, to help an attack sector that goes from the 17 years of Esposito to the 25 years of Lukaku. And above all: Ibra is Ibra. The speech therefore remains open and the contacts continue. The ego of the champion is quantified in a request of 2 and a half years of contract, the whole logic stops with one and a half and then we see. For the salary we start from the over 6 million that Zlatan takes from the Galaxy to go down (a little). Then it also happens that Inter face Barcelona and Juve and notice that the bar is still a bit high. And after that Alexis Sanchez leaves his ankle in a friendly and a nice gap in attack (if he returns at the beginning of the year, when will he get back in shape?). In short: Ibra at Inter is a fantasy or a nice parachute, among other things taken to zero euros? In the end the only answer for now is that of Marotta, and it is the first. As it was for Conte or Lukaku, one might add. But football is like this: it will be the market, as always, to tell the truth ", adds the newspaper.

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