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The vote expressed yesterday by the Milan City Council on the project for the new stadium of Inter and Milan has marked a new point in this delicate issue that involves economic interests, political balance and the future competitiveness of two historic companies in the Italian and international scene. The conditional go-ahead, which places the permanence of the "old" San Siro as unavoidable for the final go-ahead by the junta to the realization of the revolutionary redevelopment project of the entire San Siro district, it has raised new questions and new questions on what will be the next steps of this story. But above all they highlight once more the "forcibly" obstructive attitude of the NO committee, almost to the limit of captiousness.PRETESTUAL POLEMICS – The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, in accepting the opinion of his colleagues at Palazzo Marino, he became a megaphone again of dissident voices, of those who consider the "Meazza" a fundamental and representative element of the city. That deserves to be modernized and re-functionalized so that it retains its central role, even if no longer from the home of Inter and Milan. What will become of San Siro? Structure to be used for large events not necessarily sporting like concerts or theater for the games of the youth and female formations? And what will become of the surrounding area that, in the intentions of the Municipality and the residents of the neighborhood, will it have to be a little greener and less "commercial"? All right, everything beautiful, but more concretely speaking, what does this mean in reality? In the report just drafted by the Polytechnic, explicit reference is made to the impossibility of transforming the current San Siro into a place equipped with every comfort and minimum standards modern stadiums to represent added value. Strong and clear concepts, against which the response of the institutions was rather abstract and incomplete.

CONDITIONS OF THE MUNICIPALITY – Who will, for example, deal with the design of the new version of the "Meazza" and how will the possible division of costs between Inter and Milan and the Municipality be managed? Not a minor problem, considering that between the parties there is no agreement even on the rent that the two companies would like to pay starting from about the thirtieth of the 60 years of land concession. Many perplexities have also aroused the negative opinion on the volumes presented by the two clubs, considered excessive and not very attentive to the requests of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Behind the claims of an ecological nature, the doubts raised immediately by Sala and his administration are hidden on the guarantees that the project has the necessary financial coverage to bring the works to an end, depending on how they will be definitively approved. In summary, only one of the 16 conditions set by the Municipality, including the "reduction of the duration of the concession of the structure to the teams, to make it consistent with the sustainability criteria of the project over time and with the economic and financial interests of the Municipality, which must maintain a leading role in project development and the continuation of the procedural process will have to see the participation of the City Council and citizenship in the most appropriate forms ".

SIXTH HYPOTHESIS – The Municipality therefore wants to have a lot of say in an advanced private project, willing to support a very important investment (over a billion euros) also for the good of the city, aiming among other things at a return from an economic point of view. From these observations the position taken by Inter, from the CEO Antonello, of evaluate the transfer to Sesto San Giovanni if ​​an agreement is not reached that satisfied all the actors involved. Because all this obstructionism, all these arguments at the limit of captious seem to lead to a conclusion: Milan does not want its new stadium.

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