How to earn with the New Zealand dollar exchange rate


The world of the stock market and finance offers various operational ideas and opportunities for profit but the risks are always around the corner. Any trading operation planned and then put on site must not leave anything to chance.

The best trading strategy is based on the following essential and interdependent cornerstones:

a) analysis of the economic scenario;

b) consultation of stock market recommendations and expert advice;

c) the transaction must include a priori entry point, stop loss and take profit.

Today we are going to define a simple strategy to make money with currency and forex trading.

We have chosen for our trading operations the changes in the euro New Zealand dollar (EUR NZD).

World economic and political situation

What are the current risks of forex trading?

Investing in currencies in the current geoeconomic and political context is not easy. The commercial war between the USA and China has been underway for several months and has extended and has affected all world economies. In the meantime the same economic cycle of the major economies with some chiaroscuro begins to lose hits. The Fed and the ECB and the major global banks are trying to inject liquidity into the systems to avoid a global recession in the coming months.

Meanwhile in Europe, Turkey has invaded northern Syria and this could lead to an escalation and the economic news of the last hours sees BREXIT delayed for another few months.

The outbreaks of instability around the world are there and should not be underestimated.

How to invest in the New Zealand dollar euro exchange rate?

Our operation also wants to be a practical guide for beginners who want to invest in forex. The first thing to know for those who trade forex is that the currency markets are always open from Sunday to 11 pm until the close (11 pm) on Friday and therefore the exchanges work for five days a week.

Then depending on the time zone and the area of ​​the world in which you are located, days and times may vary.

Graphical analysis and forecasts to gain on the exchange rate

EUR NZD closed the trading day on 18 October at 1.74789.

Since the beginning of the year the exchange rate has registered the minimum at 1.6295 and the maximum at 1.7700.

Since the end of August 2019 the monthly trend of currency exchange has become bullish. At the moment, further increases continue to be projected.

Till where?

Projections from October 1st to December 30th

Bullish trend

minimum expected area 1.7055 / 1.7344

maximum waiting area 1,7987 / 1,8162

Short support 1,7294

Stop loss: daily closure lower than 1,7001

Objectives and probabilities that can be reached by December 30th:

30% 1.8162

70% 1.7725

90% 1,7507.


The best investment strategy on the euro dollar exchange rate

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