How much does the French Games pay to the state each year?


Question asked by Opsomer on 10/13/2019


You asked us this question which we shortened: "The state hopes to draw more than one billion euros from the privatization of the French games (FDJ). But what does the FDJ report to the state every year?"

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire announced in the Sunday newspaper of October 13, the launch of the privatization of the French games, November 7. The state that currently owns 72% of the company's capital will be able to transfer the majority to the private sector thanks to the Pact Act adopted in the spring. The government hopes to draw "more than one billion eurosWhile remaining a shareholder of around 20%.

The Agency of the participations of the State (APE) makes it possible to find the amount of the dividends paid by the FDJ to the State since the year 2000. It was of 93.6 million euros in 2018, but had exceeded the 160 million in 2016.

But the dividends are far from being the only income channel since the games are also subject to several public levies (CSG, stamp duty, CRDS, VAT). And their annual amount, in billions of euros, is much higher than the amounts collected by the State as a shareholder. "After privatization, the state will keep all the tax and social revenues paid by the FDJ, or 3.5 billion euros (in 2018, ed). This amount may increase if the business growsBruno Le Maire told JDD about this.


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