He covered his head with the blows of a club


Before he died from a gunshot shot in the neck, Luca Sacchi he tried to defend himself from the blows of the bat by putting his arms in front of his face. This is confirmed by the bruises and bruises on the upper limbs of the victim and emerged during the autopsy. The boy was first savagely beaten and then killed with a point-blank shot. Valerio Del Grosso and Paolo Pirino, two 21-year-old pushers living in San Basilio and Casal Monastero, ended up in prison for the murder of the 25-year-old. Del Grosso said he didn't want to kill, but just scare the boy, while Pirino didn't know about the gun. A version that does not convince the investigators, above all because the modalities of the murder of the boy are similar to those of an execution.

Investigations into the murder of Luca Sacchi

Luca Sacchi's attackers are in prison in Regina Coeli, but the investigation into the murder has not been completed. The investigators want to see clearly, because what initially seemed a robbery seems to be actually a drug trade ended badly. They are currently working on phone records to see if there were any contacts between the killers and Luca's friends in the days leading up to August 23rd. If so, the people on the suspects' register could increase.

Still no trace of the gun that killed Luca

Valerio Del Grosso led police and carabinieri to the places where he got rid of the bat used to beat Luca, and of the backpack of Anastasiya. No trace of the gun used to kill the 25-year-old. Before trying to hide, Del Grosso and Pirino went to Tor Bella Monaca and maybe that's where they hid the weapon. There are not even the 2 thousand euros that Anastasiya would have had in his backpack to buy the drugs. So either the two 21-year-olds hid money and a gun, or someone helped them.

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