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Gmail, the email client offered by Google, has been a reference point for millions of users all over the world for several years now. Recently, however, the latter has been enriched by introducing some very interesting innovations such as to artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the latest Update, therefore, Google has definitively managed to tear up all its competitors by actually grabbing the remaining users who, for one reason or another, had relied on other services. The success of Gmail, however, is not only due to these small functions introduced regularly. Mainly, in fact, users love the compatibility with all other services offered by the Mountain View giant. Here are the details of the new update

Gmail: artificial intelligence introduced, here are its features

In the last two years, man has gone through an unprecedented digitalisation process. It has in fact passed from the classical technology as we knew it to a much more advanced technology that uses ultra fast neural networks to manage millions and millions of data. Google, for example, has decided to introduce this new technology within Gmail so as to help users during the writing of an email. The AI, which apparently seems to be based on Deep Learning, therefore has the task of correct automatically all trivial errors such as lowercase letters instead of capital letters or the absence of double letters. As you can imagine, however, the potential of Artificial Intelligence presented by Google will offer us many other features for the near future.

For the moment, however, if you are not fond of automatic correction and artificial intelligence you can easily disable these two features from the settings menu in the app.

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