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There e-mail box still retains a pinch of magic of "printed paper" absent in instant messaging. It will be the expectation of a message, the thrill of receiving it, or, perhaps, the form in which we make the e-mails that give it that enchantment. That said, as if sending one up Android? What is it for? And why should you be interested? These and other questions in the guide below, dedicated entirely to the use of Gmail on the mythical green robot.


What is Gmail

Gmail is the Google e-mail service. You can use it via the web or through dedicated apps. There are many e-mail clients, or interfaces that allow you to send e-mails from your mobile phone, e Gmail is one of the most widely used.
It uses the same formula as other Google services: it is free, but supported by advertising. This means that, from your emails, you will see advertising emails from time to time. Nothing unbearable, in short!

The Google Chrome icon.

How to install Gmail

Installing Gmail on Android is so easy that you often find it already pre-installed on your phone. If it does not exist, the same rules apply as for a common app:

Too "complicated"? You know what you have to do, don't you? Click on the button below: it is a shortcut that will take you immediately to the Google Play Store Gmail tab.

What you need to use Gmail

To use Gmail it is not essential to have a Gmail address (which you can create here, for free). Do you have one of Hotmail? Live? Yahoo? No problem. Or do you have two different ones? It's fine (we'll explain later how to add more accounts). The email address you entered when initializing the smartphone will become the main address.

Write an email to Gmail

How do you write an email on Gmail for Android? Just press the + button at the bottom right. After that:

During the composition of the message, at the top right you will notice some small buttons: the first for the attachments, the second for confirm the sending, the third for the settings, that is to activate email at maturity, to schedule the sending and more.

What are the attachments? You can attach documents, images and files of various kinds to your e-mail by touching the paper clip. At the bottom of the e-mails, instead, you can always see a preview of the ones that are sent to you: just touch them. Just remember that you can send attachments up to 25 MB, and the sum must not exceed that figure.

What are CC (Knowledge Copy) and CCN (Hidden Carbon Copy)? The recipients entered in the CC will receive the e-mail, even though they are not the real recipients of the message, so they can stay up to date on the conversation without being the protagonists. CCN is the same thing, but the addresses entered here will not be visible to the recipients and users in the CC.

Reply to an email on Gmail

To reply to an email in Gmail, it is sufficient to first select the message you wish to reply to. Next, scroll down and select:

When composing the message, know that you can add other recipients, or other users in CC and CCN, to your liking.

Manage email in Gmail

Gmail uses an intuitive interface, like most Google services. At the top there is a search bar which you can use to quickly search for an e-mail. Instead, using the three-line button at the top left, you can call up a scroll menu from which you can access the categories of emails, all the labels and also the settings.


You will notice that, among the categories, Gmail proposes five, divided into Main, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums, depending on the type of content. For example, offers linked to the clothing store from which you often buy items will be condensed into an e-mail in this section.


The labels are customizations that you apply to each individual e-mail. For example, you can touch the little Star next to the corresponding message to make it become "special": then selecting the label "Special", here you will find all the messages marked by little Star, without you having to waste time looking for them.


Remember what the are gesture?

The gestures are gestures, movements that you can do with your fingers on the screen of your smartphone to activate or give certain commands.

From the guide Use of the Interface

Here are the most important to be used on Gmail:

Manage multiple accounts in Gmail

You can add and manage Gmail accounts by tapping the profile photo at the top right. Tap "Add another account" to start the homonymous procedure and connect your address to the Gmail app. You can then change the box by always touching the profile photo. If you intend to delete an address from your device, just tap "Manage accounts on this device": then it will be enough to choose the account you want to delete. Obviously this operation does not eliminate the address forever, but interrupts the connection from the mobile phone: you can insert it later, if you wish.


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