From best European quarterback to mystery, the Napoli fans: "Corsia maledetta!". Ancelotti mind?


The Algerian side of Napoli struggles to recover the right shape, Ancelotti instead speaks of tactical motivations given the presence of Younes.

Before the accident, Faouzi Ghoulam he was considered one of the best full-backs in Europe if not even the best tied for with Marcelo of the real Madrid. Then came the damn match against Manchester City in the Champions League Sarri was on the bench. It was the first of November 2017 and the Algerian side suffered the rupture of the right crusader. After the operation the Naples he hoped to recover it in 4 – 5 months. And instead the times have considerably lengthened. Of the player appreciated by the fans and by many clubs, today there is nothing or almost nothing.

Poor leg fluidity and above all defensive difficulties. Carlo Ancelotti explained the exclusion of today: "Ghoulam? Depending on the setting you want to set, I make my choices, depending on the number of bands we push. The fact of having chosen Younes forced me Di Lorenzo because he is more present on the defense". A justification that frankly does not convince that much considering that the strength of Insigne with Sarri was precisely the solidity of Ghoulam, and that it confirms the mystery above all considering that the Algerian, in order to quickly recover the form, renounced the convocations of the national team of his country. For the fans the left-handed lane is cursed: "Remember Zuniga? He also started very well, then the knee injury. Before Zuniga, find me one noteworthy left-back," writes a user on facebook.

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