Friendly: in Singapore, Senegal and Brazil not housed the same …


This is not a scoop, despite its performance rising in recent years and the presence of a star like Sadio Mané in its ranks, the selection of Senegal is far from having the prestige of that of Brazil. And this gap has given rise to a big difference in treatment between the two selections on the eve of the friendly match that will oppose them on Thursday in Asia in Singapore (kickoff at 12h GMT, or 14h in France).

Indeed, neither team was able to perform the match watch training at the National Stadium which will host the meeting and both were directed to extra stadiums. However, the Seleção had "right to quality facilities in an area near his hotelWhile the Lionswere forced by the organizer to make a long journey of nearly 40 minutes to train, Reports the website referring to the Bukit Gombak Stadium, located in the North, in theforest", And generally reserved for other sports disciplines (shooting, athletics, sport-balls).

According to the same source, no more football teams are training in this chamber and the treatment of Lions would have shocked the Singaporean press. Nothing to undermine the morale of the Senegalese, who have kept smiling and who may advance even more motivated after this "injustice".

Bukit Gombak Stadium

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