French tourist raped, three men indicted


Cambodian police arrested the suspects earlier this week (illustration). – Heng Sinith / AP / SIPA

A Cambodian court has charged three men gang rape of a French tourist in the province of Kampot (south), was learned Saturday police source. The three suspects were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday after a sexual assault complaint filed on October 12 by the 43-year-old woman, police chief Mao Chanmathurith told AFP.

According to him, the three men had suggested to the tourist to accompany her to her place of residence while she was walking alone at 3am, before forcing her to get in their car and take her to a place removed where they raped her. "They were charged with rape and detained on Friday night before their trial," said the police chief.

A murder of a French woman in 2013

The three men – a 36-year-old taxi driver and two construction workers aged 19 and 23 – face up to 15 years in prison, according to court documents that AFP has been able to consult. Kampot, southwest of Phnom Penh, is a destination popular with foreign tourists looking for quiet beaches but also for some years of drugs easy to find.

In 2013, the city was shaken by the rape and murder of a 25-year-old French tourist whose body was found floating in a river. A Belgian national was indicted in the same year by the Cambodian judiciary but he was released on bail a year later for lack of evidence.

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