France 2 broadcast the advertising of the regime "Like I" condemned for deception?


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Your question refers to the ads of the slimming program Comme J'aime, which we have seen regularly appear on French TV screens. These multicast spots promised "A free week" diet products from this diet. According to information from Parisian October 10th, the company was "convicted for misleading commercial practice".

The court ruled that Like I's offer was misleading because to benefit from the first free week, the customer had to order the equivalent of the 4-week program and if he was not satisfied, he had to return the three weeks of remaining products, with shipping costs at its expense. Now condemned, the program "Like Like" has one month to remove the mention of a "Free week" of its advertising media.

This Friday, France 2 devoted a subject to this conviction in his 13-hour newscast.

But surprise, as found by viewers as well as CheckNewsat the end of the newspaper, an advertisement of the brand was broadcast at 13:40, promising the famous "Free week".

Contacted by CheckNews, the director of communication France 2 replies that the chain has "Taken cognizance of this condemnation, which we take immediate action by suspending all the spots concerned. We expect new advertising creations from this advertiser, which as usual will be validated upstream by the Advertising Regulatory Authority. "


Jacques Pezet

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