Fragilized, Christophe Castaner remains supported at the head of the State


Christophe Castaner began Tuesday, October 8 a series of auditions. It will be heard Thursday in the Senate and next week by the Committee on the Laws of the Assembly. This afternoon, he was interrogated for two hours. The Minister of the Interior answered in a rather technical and precise register. He admits serious dysfunctions, a serious flaw.

"I told the truth"

Éric Ciotti (LR) sounded the charge: "Your hasty remarks have undermined the credibility of your function. Do you regret having spoken so quickly?""I am thoroughly convinced of what I said. I told the truth about the administrative record of the individual "replied the minister.

His word is chipped. And it's not the first time in a year. He is weakened. Édouard Philippe defended it in the National Assembly. Emmanuel Macron supported him by letting him alone posthumously decorate the victims of the massacre at the police headquarters in Paris. The head of state will not give reason to the opposition and hate to settle in the heart of the controversy, so Christophe Castaner will keep his position.

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