Fortnite stop: the opportunity to ask questions


The inability to play Fortnite because of a stoppage of the game online is an opportunity to have a good conversation with his children about the place of screens in their lives, suggests Cathy Tetreault, Executive Director of the Center. Internet help.

The popular Fortnite online game was abruptly interrupted Sunday at 2 pm, to the surprise of players around the world. Since then, a black hole has replaced the game's interface.

Cathy Tetrault warns parents of players: this sudden stoppage of play could provoke all kinds of reactions among the most regular players. "Certainly since yesterday, yesterday, there are young people who are angry or missing, or who are experiencing anxiety."

The executive director of Cyber-help suggests that parents who notice these symptoms in their children playing Fortnite should question the rules surrounding the screens at home. This stoppage of online gambling could also raise families' awareness and reveal the perhaps underestimated importance of Fortnite in the lives of their offspring.

"If there is a big lack, it is that the game fills a lot of needs. This event must be used to improve the use of screens at home. We look at what needs to fill a child – or even a spouse, "she says.

Cathy Tetrault denounces Fortnite's strategy, which creates a "huge need" by depriving players of their entertainment without warning. "For these young people, Fortnite is full of needs," she says. Online, they had a social life, fun, meet friends, felt a sense of value, always according to her. "Overnight, we take that away. It sure creates a big void. "

Cathy Tetrault makes the analogy with cigarette addiction: Fortnite has an effect on the neural circuit of reward. Quebec's Rehabilitation Centers are a useful resource for concerned parents.

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