Former Minister Bussetti, 25,000 euros travel at the expense of the State: from the French Riviera to Salvini's birthday. Friars: MIUR clarifies


The Hon. Nicola Fratoianni (Leu) presents a parliamentary question asking for a check on the travels of the former Minister Bussetti. Indeed, there would be some doubts about their legitimacy.

According to Fratoianni, in fact, we would be faced with "hundreds of phantom missions at the expense of the State of the Northern League Education Minister in order to be able to return home for free." other chapters, but that marks an unacceptable malpractice. "

The go-ahead for the parliamentary question to Minister Fioramonti stems from an inquiry that appeared on the pages of La Repubblica precisely on the subject.

In fact, according to the newspaper's reconstruction, Marco Bussetti would have spent 25,000 euros of public money on "suspicious institutional travel".

That is, they were not tied to his role as a guide of the Ministry of Education, journeys for which the State should not have had to pay for tickets. Bussetti should have used his own "daily allowance".

Among the "suspicious" trips, those to "his region", for which he responded to the newspaper "I had to care for the schools in my territory".

The former Minister then raised the suspicion that the agenda had been mismanaged by the secretariat, therefore "If I made mistakes, – he said – I made them in good faith".

The problem is that the suspicions advanced by Repubblica will now be the subject of a parliamentary question. The Ministry will have to explain some trips reported by the Republic as those "home-office" that would result 25. Among the appointments marked as a mission also the birthday of Salvini, the political school of the league, the participation in the electoral campaign of the League's mayors, several parties of Carroccio, a trip to Sardinia.

Among the suspicious journeys reported by Repubblica, also the one with Luciana Volta on the French Riviera. This is the board that the former minister tried to assign to the USR Liguria. Case considered by the Court of Auditors.

The journey, apparently, cost 507.96 euros for the return to Linate.

"We hope that the competent authorities – continues the parliamentarian of Leu of the Montecitorio school commission – verify everything and take the appropriate measures."

"However, – he concludes – since Bussetti has returned to being the director of the Milan school office, a question arises – concludes Fratoianni – should it continue to run such an important office until the investigation is concluded? This is what we will ask Minister Fioramonti with a parliamentary question. "

For his part, the former Minister replied, "I don't remember, I should review all the papers. Perhaps the agenda was handled badly by the secretariat "

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