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Seen from the stands, the show is ugly. The lawn of the Stade de Geneve is muddy in places, especially in the sixteen meters south side, on the sides too, and in the center of the field. The trainings of yesterday of Switzerland and Ireland had weakened a young turf, replanted only a few weeks ago because it had been attacked by a mushroom at the end of August; the uninterrupted rain that has been falling since this morning has aggravated the situation. Areas of mud have surfaced and this will inevitably affect the playing conditions.

The situation is worrying, but the stadium technicians are struggling. They have also redrawn the white lines The rest belongs to the sky. It was still raining hard in the late afternoon and it's a safe bet that it will not promote a technical and light game in these heavy conditions. A tile for the Swiss team that must logically hope that the precipitation stops as soon as possible, as was also envisaged according to some forecasts.

It is therefore with a weather and conditions "Irish" that the decisive shock will be disputed. And it will do with, unfortunately.

Daniel Visentini, Geneva

Created: 15.10.2019, 17:01

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