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The trial of Paul Gascoigne, former English football player accused of sexual assault for kissing a woman without his consent in a train, began Monday in England.

At the court hearing in Teesside Crown Court (North of England), the plaintiff presented her version of the facts to the jurors.

In August 2018, during a train trip from York to Newcastle, Paul Gascoigne first asked her if she could read the lines of the hand. "He looked drunk," she added.

As she tried to ignore him, the former international tried to sit on his lap and "hit him on the arm": "I turned to face him, and he caught me face to kiss me full mouth, "she said. "I was caught off guard because it came out of nowhere."

Once out of the train, the woman contacted the police, without knowing then that it was the former playmaker of Tottenham and Lazio Rome, who played his last professional match in 2004 under the colors of Boston United.

"To reassure her"

For prosecutor William Mousley, the case is "sexual assault". It is a "brief but unpleasant attack with sexual connotations, in a train, by an unknown man in his fifties and drunk," he told the audience Monday.

Contacted by telephone on the night of the incident, Paul Gascoigne told the police officers "kissing a big chick," the prosecutor said.

The next morning, he told the police that he had wanted to "give her a kiss on the mouth to reassure her," saying that passengers of the train had made fun of his physique, according to the same source.

In January, Paul Gascoigne pleaded not guilty to the charges.

This is not the first time Paul Gascoigne, 52, is in British justice. In 2016, he was fined 1000 pounds (1170 euros) for making racist remarks during a public appearance in November 2015.

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