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In the big world of football, a number of fanatics, including me, make a fixette on the jerseys of club or national teams. To follow the intense news of this area, several websites refer, like

During the offseason, and even throughout the year, this platform often reveals before everyone the next uniforms of the various formations. She takes advantage of leaks at the equipment manufacturers or resellers to swing on his site and make his little buzz on social networks.

This autumn, the new shirt of Switzerland, in particular, appeared there. And as often in Puma – recent author of the green jersey of Italy … – this coat could well divide. The red does not seem to be a very "Swiss" red and many small crosses dot the design, for a rendering that we, we like pretty well. And you?


Does the future jersey of the national team have the class?

Created: 14.10.2019, 20:08

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