Football – Ligue 1 – OL – Why Laurent Blanc is slow to find a bench


Ligue 1 – OL

Possible successor of Sylvinho on the bench of Lyon, the former coach of PSG has not exercised more than three years. A voluntary choice, but also the consequence of a stubborn and not always justified reputation of unreachable man and little worker.

Clarified by Paris Saint-Germain in June 2016, Laurent Blanc has not trained since. If the man had initially voluntarily decided to blow, he later showed his desire to find a bench. Without success for the moment.

Announced as the possible successor to Sylvinho side Olympique Lyonnais, the former coach of the Blues and PSG may finally come out of this long period of inactivity, caused as much by his desire to step back as a reputation not always justified as a man unreachable and not very hardworking.

Laurent Blanc: what he did for three years and his departure from Paris-SG

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