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Stefan Lichtsteiner was not there in September and his absence was a talking point. Less than that of a certain Xherdan Shaqiri, that's for sure, but the press had a little twisted. He, who had just landed at Augsburg, was far from offended. "It's normal, from a certain age, it is also necessary to prepare after … In football, you are never guaranteed to play. Even when I was 25, "he slips. With ten years more, he is not far from being the old sage of this formation finally.

Although we feel that it can still boil inside, it does not show much since his arrival at the training camp of Switzerland in Lausanne. Former Juventin strode Monday the lawn of the Pontaise with a huge smile that was good to see. "It's always a pleasure to be here," smiles the one who has recovered his armband. The goal is to make a big game and for that, you have to work well. "

"This week will be potentially decisive"

As a good captain, he tried to mitigate a bit the excitement of a week when his troupe can win everything or lose everything, such as postpone the verdict in November: "Every game, we are under pressure and we know the manage for years. It will have to be ready, that's for sure. This week will be potentially decisive, it's true, but we will not be out of the game anyway if we do not win both matches. "

Lichtsteiner also wants to calm the spirit of revenge of his, upset by the turn of the first leg (3-3, after leading three lengths in the 80th). "We made a point, we did not lose everything," he says. It stays in the head, it's true. I had known against Iceland too (note: from 4-1 to 4-4 in September 2013). There it was Denmark. It happens. The important thing is to learn from that. "And apply it Saturday.

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