Floridia, stopped on a Porsche with the "coca" between the cans and arrested. Perceived citizenship income


The financiers of the Provincial Command of Syracuse recently concluded an investigation into drugs, seizing 327 doses of cocaine in a current private property in the municipality of Floridia.

The activity is born from the observations included in the normal economic control services of the territory arranged by the Provincial Commander of Syracuse. In the late evening of 16 October, the green berets of the local Compagnia stopped the Floridian Paolo Nastasi, a citizen of citizenship income, on board a Porsche Macan luxury car he owned, during a checkpoint.

The discovery of a conspicuous sum of cash, without justification, as well as the suspicion that the subject was habitually devoted to the commission of illicit trafficking has allowed to trigger the house search in the home of the forty-year-old Floridian. The circumstances in which the operations took place were particularly dynamic: in order to go without fail, the military decided to use "Aquila", an anti-drug dog with an infallible nose.

During the operations, 327 doses of cocaine were found for a total of 120 grams cleverly concealed inside double bottoms obtained in beverage cans and in a small fire extinguisher, as well as more than 1,000 euros in cash hidden partly inside the hood of the kitchen, also subjected to seizure because they are considered as the proceeds of the illegal activity.

The doses were ready for the shop and distinguished by different colored packages, red and blue, according to the quantity requested by the "customer". At the end of the police activities, the subject, at the disposal of the local Public Prosecutor's Office, was arrested and taken to the Syracuse Prison Center – Cavadonna.

The men of the Yellow Flames are currently examining every clue in their possession, to try to identify the supply channels of the pusher. The service operation highlights the "transversal nature" of the action developed in the service activities by the Guardia di Finanza which, starting from the monitoring of luxury cars, arrived at the finding of further offenses that affect public spending and undermine legality and security within the city.

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