Federal Negotiations: Rudy Demotte and Geert Bourgeois Appointed Preformers


The duo composed of Socialist Rudy Demotte and N-VA Geert Bourgeois was charged by King Philippe with a pre-formation mission, during a hearing at the Royal Palace which began around 9:30 am on Tuesday morning. The two men "examine the concrete basis for forming a federal government around their respective parties, and this with the other four parties involved in the discussions", the MR, the CD & V, the Open Vld and the sp.a, communicates the Palace. They will report to the King on Monday, November 4th, which leaves them less than a month to try to clear a land that appears difficult from the start.

Their mission follows a first fact-finding mission entrusted to the Flemish socialist Johan Vande Lanotte and the French-speaking liberal Didier Reynders from May 30, and then extended five times. The latter gave their final report to the King on Monday. The scenario of a pre-training mission entrusted to a French-speaking socialist and a Flemish nationalist, representing the most important political formations of the French and Flemish communities in terms of votes after the elections of last May, was expected. Both former regional ministers-presidents, Rudy Demotte and Geert Bourgeois will have to try to find points of convergence between two parties that a priori everything opposes, as Paul Magnette, the only candidate for the presidency of the Socialist Party, reminded again on Friday. Several political figures, including the CD & V Koen Geens at the microphone of our colleagues from La Première and the N-VA Peter De Roover on the Flemish public TV channel VRT, said Tuesday that it is very unlikely that a federal government is taking shape before the end of the year.

At this stage, we can not yet speak of "negotiations", as the positions of the forces at stake seem remote. The PS is also reluctant to consider a kind of "Swedish" improved, which would take the members of the coalition "Michel I" with a socialist addition.

Rudy Demotte: "We have three important documents"

"We are walking very clearly in a minefield, but we intend to play our part, that is to say, to look at how to get through these obstacles and see if, for this country, there is a possibility of set up the conditions necessary for the formation of a government ", summed up the socialist against journalists. "We have three important documents: the note informants (Didier Reynders and Johan Vande Lanotte, who made their final report to the King Monday, Ed), a note complementary and a budget note.We will examine the content and test the different solutions there, and see for November 4 if there is indeed this desire for constructive dialogue ". A report to the sovereign is indeed fixed on November 4, leaving less than one duo to try to bring two political parties to positions diametrically opposed on many issues. "Working together is first learning to build bridges between two political groups that so far only speak in press releases"says the president of the parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. If the PS had previously hinted not to consider governing with the N-VA, the truth of the polls force to adopt a reasonable position, has essentially maintained the former Walloon Minister-President. "Flemish and French-speaking public opinion have spoken, the reality is that there are two big political families, and without them talking to each other, nothing is possible, we have to talk, I think moderation and reason are necessary in the current situation ".

The words of Didier Reynders and Vande Lanotte to pass the hand

Yesterday, informants Didier Reynders and Johan Vande Lanotte, appointed by the King four months ago, had ended their mission. It is now up to the two largest parties in their community – the PS and N-VA – to work together intensively to find the convergences that will lead to the formation of a federal government, the two informants said. after receiving their final report to the king. "In our view, it is now necessary for the two main political parties in their Community – the PS and the N-VA – to be able to determine among themselves whether it is possible to find a sufficient basis for forming a government."said Reynders.

The Socialist and the Liberal had insisted on the need to createtrust"Between the two parties that everything has separated for five years, Mr. Vande Lanotte used a very colorful style:"Trust is something that grows up. Take the example of a family where parents told children for five years that they could not go in the water because there were crocodiles. If, after five years, they say that in fact, there were no crocodiles, the chance is slim that children go swimming right away "he had remarked.

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