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Eighth round of the 2019-2020 season of the Serie A championship, and with it our suggestions also arrive. The editorial staff of Fantamagazine, in fact, for each championship round it will propose you the advised, the possible surprises and a special one to analyze all the recommended of the number cards match Expert Group (which you can find HERE).


In this appointment we will discover together which players can be recommended for the 8th Serie A day. We also remind you that you can follow our advice in the way you prefer, on Fantamagazine Facebook page or on our Instagram page.


Atalanta is his favorite victim: 4 goals against Bergamo players since he has an eagle on his chest. Including the seal on the Coppa Italia final in May. Milinkovic-Savic is in shape, put it hoping it still repeats itself against the Goddess.

All the space in front, now, is of Muriel, and the physical condition should be returned. We'll see if he manages to collect and make use of all the amount of game produced by the team: the feeling is that he can do it, and therefore deploy it.


We await the return of Koulibaly after the disqualification to understand the reliability level of the couple, while Manolas has provided excellent evidence in recent weeks. Besides being a security on the modifier side and defensive value, they are also extremely dangerous on offensive places, especially the Greek. Definitely to put on without thinking.

Captain Veloso is always among the best in the field. Among other things, the most dangerous occasions arise from his foot. He could find his bonus from a placed or who knows maybe repeat a feat as against Juventus.


No one could have expected such a departure, the Bosnian Pjanic lives a moment of form and technical awareness that he never had in his career. Doubles also in the national team, in each game can bring bonuses, both light and heavy.

Real technical driver of the team, Ursu he will play from fake-ex having never made his debut with the Juventus shirt, which held the ownership of his card. Good third striker for this day, and less than alternatives with very affordable matches, you can put it, given that in the case of goals scored by the rossoblus, his hand will almost certainly be there


Everything passes by the feet of Berardi and against Inter the script will be the same. Even in defeats he remains one of the few to try, to try the game, to get close to the goal. Seems to be able to bring sufficiency even with the team's dull performance. At the moment it is difficult to leave out, but the game is not easy, especially considering that Inter is the best defense in the league that, after removing the match against Juve, in the remaining games has suffered 2 goals in 6 races. Looking at alternatives is an obligation, but it is the most deployable of Sassuolo.

The national break has interrupted a positive streak, unfortunately only personal, that has seen Lautaro Martinez enter the scorecard both in Barcelona and in the Italian derby. Picking up where he left off is the least we can expect.


Important week for Rodrigo De Paul: usual excellent performances with the Argentina shirt, but above all the renewal of the contract with Udinese until 2024. Needless to tell you what would be the icing on the cake. The match promises to be rather blocked, and his plays, especially from the placed ones, could be decisive. Deploy him and hope that this match can be that of his raise to Juventus.

What was missing in the first days at the Torino is really Ansaldi, when it is well it is a fundamental arrow in the arch of Mazzarri. From the left, from the right, with a 3 or 4 defense, the Argentine runs, dribbles, crosses and enters, always making the right choice at the right time. Already ready to see him back in the pits for some muscular trouble, take the opportunity now to entrust him with the keys to your midfield


Always him, only him. Falling like the whole team, it is (almost) only that it has the possibility to bring us back to the surface. trust me, Quagliarella he did not suddenly become a jug, he is simply not Messi and cannot take 10 other players on his shoulders and drag them to victory. However, he always does it and with the right support we are sure that he will be decisive again.

Just read the names that are in the infirmary to understand how much Rome is in trouble. The best ones, those who should be card holders, are practically all unavailable. And this obviously weighs not only on the points in the standings, but also on the fantasy football. Rome has practically no titular attack. Therefore the only one we can recommend to put aside Kolarov that always puts himself, is what in general is playing better or rather Smalling. We realize that on the part of some pagellists, that we have no qualms to qualify as incompetent, there is a sort of prejudice on the player, who is always punished with half a vote less. The fact is that right now he deserves to be here, so he can absolutely take sides. Hoping for someone to take off the blinders. Then for heaven's sake, the error will come sooner or later. We hope this is not the day.


The Swedish goatherd Olsen is experiencing an excellent moment, and also in the national team has made a great performance against Spain. The SPAL can always find the goal, but it has chances both of a good enough vote (maybe it doesn't make you make the modifier by itself, but it can contribute) and of clean sheet. You can deploy it without much thought. After the break we are sure he will want to redeem himself for the missed goals against Verona. Opportunities most likely Simeone he will have them, it will be up to him to exploit them: of course, if he misses it, the risk of a bad vote is always there, perhaps mitigated by the result if we can win anyway. On the other hand, to keep him out, there is the risk of missing a goal: consider the alternatives, but keep it in mind.

Petagna it is now the only certainty we have and we do not allow anyone to touch it! Joking aside: it is the one with more chances to score even in games like these, don't be afraid to throw it in the fray.


Every week that passes seems to grow and do better. With the Swedish National Under 21 team Kulusevski he also found a sumptuous double-barreled shotgun. Dersa likes it and after the misstep against Spal we expect an important performance both from the side and from the team.

The only one of the strikers is certainly the place and the only one, Kouame, Able to ignite the race with a flash: if our Kouame is in the day it will be hard for the Ducal rearguard. We trust in his good performance and as a 3 ′ attacker in your training there can be.


The starting position is not certain but so far Leao he was among the most proactive in the Rossoneri, both from the first minute and as substitute, as happened in the last outing against Genoa. It has the credentials to do well, the challenge is not prohibitive and you can think of deploying it almost without problems: to evaluate the alternatives in order to avoid, if possible, any nasty surprises if you do not set foot in the field.

Added value of this team at the moment, has always been present since the first day of the retreat and always on the field until today. In these first days he made himself known around Italy for his speed in one vs one, for dribbling and his altruism. Liverani dared say words to honey for "Pippo" Hawk and on the possibility of arriving up to the national team. Now with everyone available, the competition begins to become fierce and the shadow of Farias behind him begins to be felt. But it is now that he has to make that "good player" leap for the team to "essential". It is now that he needs his bonuses and his plays even inside the penalty area, not just outside to delight the eyes of the public, it is now that he too begins to give points for our salvation that in games like this also pass ( and above all) from his feet. One of the very few to save himself in Bergamo will once again have the possibility of being able to hit a strong defense, but not as fast as he. On the other hand, Falco in Serie A has never scored, for now he has put only one assist for his team-mates, accompanied by good grades. Do you want to see that it will be the right time to put your first goal in A? This must be the game of his turn and attention that we have a positive bell in his head for him on this day you can consider it as the last to close your department


The Brescia is a team that focuses heavily on stationary balls and at home you must always aim to score points, moreover the magic moment of Tonali is under everyone's eyes.

With the hope of not seeing him again on the spot, Federico Church remains one of the major protagonists in the bonus area, the qualitative leap in the final phase but still struggles to arrive definitively, but the viola is one of those to be deployed with eyes closed. No word for the form status of Ribery, player to be closed eyes. The 3 defense is extolling the captain Pezzella under the aspect of the votes always excellent for the modifier, in addition with Milenkovic is one of the protagonists on the inactive balls.

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