F1 arrives on Twitch – Formula 1


Twitch is a live streaming platform owned by Amazon, widely used by gamers to broadcast their games online. The site is also a leader in the sector as regards the transmission of events related to eSports and has about 15 million daily active users and 1 million people active at any time (2018 data). On the eve of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend, Formula 1 announced the partnership with Twitch, which will allow us to show live all weekend in some countries, ie Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

This initiative will guarantee the involvement of users, thanks to the comment of some of the major video game influencers, such as the German Plet Smlet, and to the spectators' forecasts on the final result, which will be shown during the sessions in a real own ranking. Frank Arthofer, head of the digital and licensing department at F1, commented: "German, Luxembourg, Swiss, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish fans will be able to access the Twitch website or app and enjoy free practice, qualifying and the race. Twitch has a great following, a unique creative spirit in sports coverage and a very interacting audience: they are perfect for being an F1 partner to work on this project".

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