Expulsion of a Sudanese convicted of terrorism in the United States in 1996


By Le Figaro with AFP

The US immigration authorities announced Friday that they have expelled a Sudanese citizen, sentenced in 1996 to 30 years in prison for taking part ina plotIslamist who was planning a series of attacks in New York.

Amir Abdelgani, 59, had completed serving his federal sentence in July and was immediately transferred to a detention center at the ICE Immigration Agency, said the latter in a statement. He was deported and handed over to the Sudanese authorities on October 12, she said. "The expulsion of this terrorist is a strong illustration of ICE's commitment to public safetySaid the agency in its statement.

Amir Abdelgani is one of ten people convicted at the end of 1995 in New Yorkattempts to bomb the bomb" and of "seditious plotAgainst the United States, six years before the attacks of September 11, 2001, the bloodiest in history. According to the US authorities, the plot, led by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, spiritual leader of the Egyptian fundamentalist movement Jamaa Islamyia, foresaw a series of bombings in New York, against the United Nations headquarters, the FBI offices, or more Manhattan bridges and tunnels.

The attack on the World Trade Center in February 1993 (6 dead and 1,000 wounded) was reportedly part of this plot, but none of the charges for which the 10 were sentenced concerned this attack.

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