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Fifth defeat in nine games: this data is enough to photograph the moment of Milan. Even though it was fused and tired after the European Thursday, Rome is too strong for this team that in fact struggles, it is close to a draw but in the end it succumbs. All normal, unfortunately. No surprise. Rather we have to ask ourselves why Milan have a much smaller team than the Giallorossi despite the 400 million spent in the last 3 years in the face of a Rome that yields its best pieces every summer. On this they should ask themselves the very many overpaid executives who took turns in this nightmare three-year period, you should ask yourself about this the property, assuming there is one. But on these issues of real answers we will never have them, so we might as well think about the present and this team that must think about beat Spal and the other teams on the right side of the ranking to avoid a "hot" spring.

Pioli serves this. Not to anything else. You had to be wary of those who told you that the new coach would try to conquer the Champions League zone. Moral: in Rome AC Milan makes its game, with all its flaws and eventually loses it. Inevitably. The feeling is that if Rome had been on the ball and with all its owners it would have ended badly. The most worrying aspects seen at the Olimpico are those related to the lack of concentration above all, for example, on red carpets laid out at each opponent's corner. With a normal goalkeeper instead of the phenomenal Donnarumma it would have ended much earlier.

In addition to Gigio of the Olimpico Pioli has to save Theo Hernandez's performance and the confirmation that the much-criticized Suso, as Pioli himself said, is one of the least worst. On the other side, the former Nerazzurri coach was sure that two like Conti and Biglia are no longer viable. Unfortunately for the Milan fans the worst things they did not see yesterday in Rome, but the worst things are those that the executives will say to today's assembly.

An endless collapse.

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