Elections Umbria, Salvini exults: "In Rome they will have to reflect". Zingaretti: "Net defeat". Conte: "Error interrupting the experiment"


They won in Umbria, but the head is a Rome. It could not be otherwise given that throughout the election campaign the leaders of the center they continually launched belligerent messages towards the government. And the first statement of Matteo Salvini it is addressed to Palazzo Chigi: "Someone in Rome will have something to think about tonight. Italians do not like traitors and poltronists, "said the leader of Northern League, when the ballot was still at the beginning. The projections, however, leave no doubt: Donatella Tesei won the regional elections by beating Vincenzo Bianconi, supported by the civic alliance composed of Pd and M5s. And the League, in a region administered by the left always, is given at 38%. "If the Lega were to have double the votes of the Democratic Party in the red stronghold, someone in the Government should consider itself abusive," Salvini said. The Pd, in fact, is given at 20%.

Conte al Corriere: "Error to stop the alliance now" – There are no official reactions from Prime Minister Conte in the evening, except for those relating to the article in the Financial Times. The Corriere della Sera, in an article by Monica Guerzoni, reports, however, some statements: “It would be a error interrupt this experiment because of a Region that has 2% of the national population ". As for his commitment in the election campaign, he states: "If I wanted to campaigning I would have gone door to door a month, 24 hours a day ”.

Meloni: "Conte must resign" – The novelty, however, is the Brothers of Italy as a third force on 11. "This loud slap the Rossogiallo government says a lot about what Italians think. Fossi in Conte tomorrow I would resign, "he says clearly Giorgia Meloni. Silvio Berlusconi, now reduced to the third center of the center, it is limited to a tweet in which it evokes the communists: "From Umbria, after a half-century, a historic turning point: even in the traditional red regions, the united center-right represents the vast majority of voters. Our alliance is the future of Italy and has the right and duty to govern the country ". The obsession, in fact, is the return to the national ballot boxes. "The Umbrians have shown that the Italians want to vote," Salvini repeated several times, citing Prime Minister Conte several times. "A president of the council who says that the vote of the Umbrians has little or nothing like that of the people of Lecce, is a little man".

M5s: "We third away only beyond the two poles" – On the other front, there are obviously different moods. The 5-star Movement is the great loser of this electoral turn: as a list vote it has fallen below ten points, even to 8%. The 5 stars have released a note to say that “the civic agreement for theUmbria was a laboratory, but the experiment did not work. The Movement in its history had never experienced a similar path. And this experience shows that we can really represent the third way just looking beyond the two opposite poles ”. So there is a sort of self-analysis on the constant fall of consensus in recent months: "From the formation of the first executive, it was immediately clear to us that being in the Government with another political force – be it the League or the Democratic Party – sacrifice the consent of the 5 Star Movement. But we were not born to pursue consensus, but to bring home the results, such as the prison for this week's tax evaders and the cut of the previous week's parliamentarians ".

Zingaretti: "Controversy over maneuver did not help" – Nicola Zingaretti comments the defeat, stressing that the split of the Renzians would not have weighed on the Pd anyway. "The result around Bianconi confirms, despite splits and disengagement, the consensus of the forces that gave birth to the alliance. Obviously we will reflect a lot on this vote and the choices to be made, a vote certainly not helped by the chaos of controversy that accompanied the Government's economic maneuver ". A double strike at Matteo Renzi, the only leader absent in Umbria and also the main source of criticism of the economic maneuver. A historical Renziano, which however remained in the Pd, if he takes it instead with the alliance with the 5 stars: “The marriage between Pd is M5S in Umbria – underlines – highlights all the limits of alliances built at the last minute and without content. I hope that in view of the upcoming regional elections, the Democratic Party will better discuss with the territories whether it is the case to present itself in coalition. Better to measure the relationship with the 5 stars in the government and only then decide what to do ". The most realistic of all, and the only one who really comments on the Umbrian situation, is perhaps Walter Verini, commissioner dem in the Region: "Our system – he says – would have needed not only cutting but a radical renewal that we have not been able to guarantee".

The Renzians: "Foto Narni a mistake" – The Renzians are officially silent and Italy alive does not comment on the outcome of the vote in Umbria: "There we are not there". But sources of the former prime minister's party define a "mistake”The photo of Narni by Luigi Di Maio, Nicola Zingaretti and Roberto Speranza with the premier Giuseppe Conte. The event was told by Renzi, but he chose not to participate. Among the ranks of the IV the words of the secretary on how the split has not affected the results of the Democratic Party have been little appreciated but for now they choose not to comment. Matteo Renzi, as reported by the Messenger, in the night confided to his family that he "to the alliance structured with the 5 stars I just don't believe it and what happened in Umbria gives me reason: that electoral pact does not work ". The former secretary is aiming for moderate votes: "There is a huge political space, a boundless grassland for Italia Viva. Whose project is certainly not one of intertwining with the grillini ". The only one who really comments on the Umbrian situation is Walter Verini, commissioner dem in the Region: "Our system – he says – would have needed not only cutting but a radical renewal that we have not been able to guarantee".


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