Elections in Canada, Trudeau wins but will lead a minority government. And it triples the votes among Quebec separatists


It won 156 of the 338 seats of the House of Commons, under the fateful threshold of the 170 deputies needed to govern alone. But Justin Trudeau is the winner of the elections in Canada, reconfirmed for another term as head of the country. However, he will lead a minority government, probably with the external support of the New Democratic Party (Ndp), after defeating the conservatives of Andrew Scheer.

The premier, according to the projections of Canadian public TV cBC, it loses as many as 28 high chairs compared to 2015, making the party pay the price of recent scandals that involved him, from pressure to save the Canadian giant Snc-Lavalin in an investigation for corruption up to the old caricature images that portray him with his face painted black. A setback also confirmed by the popular vote, which fell from 39.5% four years ago to 33%, behind the conservatives (34.4%). The latter have no doubt made a leap forward, tearing 121 seats against the 97 of the previous elections (+24). But they did not succeed in the endeavor to end the hazy career of Trudeau, which in the last days of the campaign has regained ground by doing somehow a miracle.

The surprise of the polls was the Bloc Quebecois of Yves-Francois Blanchet, the separatist party that presented itself only in the French-speaking world Quebec, where it has more than tripled the number of seats, from 10 to 32, becoming the third party at the federal level. It is not excluded that it may play a role in the future government. Flop instead of NDP, which has almost halved its presence (from 40 to 25 deputies): its charismatic leader with turban, Jagmeet Singh, was probably the victim of the "useful vote" invitation by the premier.

THE greens instead they confirm their three seats, without breaking through despite the Canadian attention to climate and environment. Trudeau he then managed to avoid the disgrace of being the first prime minister of the 84 years country with a parliamentary majority not to be re-confirmed. According to some experts, the Canadians have thought about it over the weekend. Not so much forgiving him scandals and gaffes that have cast a shadow over his progressive image as thinking that it was the "less worst" option in front of a lackluster conservative leader not in tune with much of the country on social issues, fromabortion to gay wedding up to immigration.

Now, however, the bel Trudeau will be the leader of a ‘hung Parliament’, a parliament at risk of stalemate with those who will support it externally. One of the first knots will be to convince the NDP or the Bloc to keep its promise to expand the pipeline Trans Mountain after buying it with public money, despite his commitment to protecting the climate.


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