Economy | The Assembly validates the abolition of the housing tax for 80% of households in 2020, 100% in 2023


By Provence (with AFP)

The National Assembly validated on Friday the abolition of the residential tax (TH) on principal residences for 80% of households in 2020, and 100% in 2023, by matching the measure with actions towards the communities that will lose this resource . MEPs adopted Article 5 of the draft 2020 budget by 34 votes to 20, with 2 abstentions: "Promise (Emmanuel Macron) outfit", welcomed the Secretary of State Olivier Dussopt. Started this year, the abolition of the housing tax will continue, and 80% of households currently taxed will be totally exempted in 2020, for a gain of 3, 7 billion euros of purchasing power For the remaining 20% ​​of households, the abolition of the TH will be spread over three years, until 2023. If the majority supported the measure, right and left have pronounced against, judging the injured municipalities.

The deletion of the TH is "an electioneering promise from the president, poorly prepared"who will lead"a break between the citizen and his commune", denounced Christine Pires-Beaune (PS) Eric Woerth (LR) accused the government of"nationalize local taxes".

In the wake of recalls to the serial settlement, the oppositions have asked for the list of municipalities that will lose. The reform goes "to relieve the better-off, not the modest ones who did not pay"TH, also raised Charles de Courson (Liberties and territories) .The removal of this tax, currently the main tax revenue of municipalities, will be compensated" to the euro ", has committed the government. they draw on the share of revenue from the tax on built land, about 15 billion euros annually, so far back to the departments, which will be paid a portion of the VAT.

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