Donald Trump now has a channel on the Twitch platform


Donald Trump now has an account on Twitch. – Twitch / DonaldTrump screenshot

Donald Trump has just opened a channel on the video streaming platform
Twitch, traditionally acclaimed by young people and video game enthusiasts. The entourage of the US president has currently posted only one clip on this channel: the capture of a speech delivered by the head of state in Minneapolis. However, 45,000 people have already
subscribed to the account, reports

The choice of this new showcase offers additional exposure to Donald Trump. It comes at a time when emerging US political figures, such as the candidates nominated for nomination by their party for the 2020 presidential elections, are at the center of public and media attention.

Political figures already on Twitch

Created in 2011, Twitch has built its popularity on streaming live games. But the portal now hosts the channels of Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest elected in the history of the US Congress or the candidate for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders.

The platform with 15 million users is owned by Amazon, a company strongly criticized by Donald Trump on several occasions, notes BFMTV. The president is also not fond of video games and their impact on American society.

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