Does Donald Trump have the right to oppose Congress?


Democrats launched in the race for the removal of the US president are more than ever facing a wall. Since 24 September, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the US Congress, has launched an investigation into a impeachment against Donald Trump, suspected of having asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his rival, Joe Biden. With this in mind, the US President received Friday an official injunction ordering him to provide, before October 18, documents concerning his July phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky. Out of the question for Donald Trump.

In an eight-page letter to Nancy Pelosi, Presiding Attorney Pat Cipollone explained the reasons for the refusal. "Since your application does not have a legitimate constitutional basis or the slightest semblance of impartiality (…), the executive branch can not be required to participate".

This is not the first time a president targeted by an attempt toimpeachment do not cooperate. "Nixon tried to sack people for not sending documents, Clinton lied under oath … But the business is second to none. And in the context of the presidential campaign, such a procedure should not take place because there are too many unknowns "explains Jean-Eric Branaa, a researcher at the IRIS Institute.

In this case, the answer given by the President is acceptable. "Donald Trump is not wrong. For the moment, there has been no vote from the House of Representatives. " A compulsory vote to officially open the indictment procedure. The American president takes this opportunity to "Hide behind political devices such as the defense secret, the privilege of the executive and the separation of powers, says Jean-Eric Branaa. If this procedure looks legal, it is primarily political. Who will shout the loudest? "

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"Voters walk in Trump's footsteps"

After receiving the letter from Donald Trump's lawyer, Nancy Pelosi tweeted: "The decision of Trump and his administration to ignore the oath of office sparked a constitutional crisis."

For Jean-Eric Branaa, this is a "fantasy". "There is no constitutional crisis since the president of the Democrats was able to launch the first stage of the procedure" and that the president answered in his right. "There is, however, a political crisis."

Donald Trump seems to have the edge in this political war. "He wants to force the Democrats to vote, because if an investigation is opened, he will win"comments Jean-Eric Branaa. According to him, there is no risk that voters will see in this refusal to cooperate a way of hiding things and are suspicious of him: "Her popularity rating is still 43% and in fifteen days of chaos she has not decreased. On the contrary, voters are following in the footsteps of Trump who is resisting the impeachment attempt. "

For his followers, he appears as a hero. "He is represented in Superman on his campaign posters", notes Jean-Eric Branaa.

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