"Do not play hard, do not fool," Trump's incredible letter to Erdogan


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on May 30, 2019. – AP / SIPA

In an attempt to defuse the crisis between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria, Donald Trump released his pen last week. After the start of the Turkish offensive, the US president wrote a letter – the authenticity of which was confirmed by the White House – to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Punctuated with exclamation points, the missive uses an unusual tone for diplomacy

"Do not play hard, do not play idiot! "Do not be a tough guy, do not be a fool," writes the US president, before concluding, "I'll call you soon. "

"Let's find a good deal," suggests Donald Trump in this four-paragraph missive unveiled Wednesday but dated October 9th. It was therefore addressed to the Turkish President the day he launched his troops to assault the Kurds in northern Syria after the withdrawal of US forces from the region.

Mike Pence in Turkey on Thursday

"You do not want to be responsible for the massacre of thousands of people, and I do not want to be responsible for the destruction of the Turkish economy – which I would do (if necessary)," writes the US president. "History will judge you favorably if you act justly and humanely. She will consider you forever the devil if things go wrong, "warns Donald Trump without further details.

Mike Pence, who is due to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday, said earlier this week that he will go to Ankara to "end the invasion" in Syria and declare a "cease-fire". immediate fire ".

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