Discount on invoice for Leroy Merlin windows throughout Italy


The 50% discount on billets on doors and windows is extended by the distributor Leroy Merlin to stores throughout the peninsula and up to 31 December. As is known, the 50% discount corresponds to the transfer of the tax credit of the consumer ecobonus to LeroyMerlin for the replacement of the old doors and windows, as required by article 10 of the Growth Decree. Initially the "immediate discount" program, this is the name given by the distributor, was launched in the Milan Corsico and Milan Lissone stores (see our news). Starting on September 28th, the promotion was to last until October 15th. The results of the test must be very satisfactory if, after 2 weeks, the program has been extended both in duration and in territorial extension.

In fact, from last week the "immediate discount" on doors and windows was extended from October 15th to December 31st. And it has been extended to practically all national stores, as we were able to verify by consulting the web sites of the single point of sale: from all over Lombardy to Palermo, passing from Bari to Naples, from Chieti to Rome, from Florence in Rimini, from Bologna to Turin to Venice and Udine.

The do-it-yourself distributor of home and building products proposes, on the minisites and on the advertising pages that he is publishing, an example of a quote, which we could call an owl, related to 4 pvc windows laid and delivered. From € 3085.45 with the application of the immediate discount, the price drops to 1542.71. The order consists of a window with a door of 800 x 1450 mm, two windows of 1200 x 1450 mm, and a window door of 1200 x 2450 mm and is inclusive of inspection, delivery to the ground floor, installation (120 € window frame), disposal of old fixtures and 10% VAT. No additional costs for documentation and financial charges appear.

How Leroy Merlin's invoice discount works

After the inspection by a distributor of the distributor, usually an independent craftsman who has followed ad hoc installation courses, the sales point draws up the final estimate and the customer pays by talking transfer. The customer then submits to the Inland Revenue the official Communication model of the option relating to energy efficiency and seismic risk interventions carried out on individual real estate units (see attachment) with which he communicates the sale of the ecobonus tax credit. He then obtains a receipt from the Agency to present this Communication which he will deliver to the point of sale where he made the purchase. This closes the invoice discount operation. Among the pride of the operation: Italian-made products (complete with a tricolor flag erected as a witness), a ten-year guarantee, a complete laying project "of our craftsmen".

With the completion of the "immediate discount" operation by the building distribution giant, the Antitrust forecast contained in the AS1592 ruling against the wording of article 10, which indicated that it could "generate an undue distortion of the market for the benefit of a few operators, to the detriment of medium and small-sized businesses active in the offer of energy requalification services, with obvious negative repercussions for consumers, which would see their freedom of choice significantly reduced ”. Whatever you think, the Antitrust had a long eye.

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