DIRECT. "It's not a right of withdrawal, it's a surprise strike", denounces the CEO of SNCF Guillaume Pepy


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10:35 : It is normal these comments, each time the same thing. Holiday = strike

10:35 : It's not a strike. It's a right of withdrawal. It's very different … even if the consequences are the same.

10:34 : The agents are on strike for our safety. Thanks to them ! They have all my support.

10:34 : In the comments, opinions are divided on this social movement at the SNCF.

10:20 : Guillaume Pepy also claims to be "studying the judicial way to judge that this is a strike and not a right of withdrawal".

10:19 : "It's not a right of withdrawal. (…) It's a surprise strike."

On BFMTV, the boss of the SNCF denounces "a surprise strike that does not respect the law".

9:45 : No train in Alsace, more precisely on Belfort-Mulhouse. In Belfort we have no train either for Delle Vesoul or Besancon.

9:44 : Thanks to the SNCF, the Ouigo are for the poorest, to remove the trains just for the holidays of children!

9:45 : Anyway, there is always a strike when the holidays begin …

9:44 : In the comments, many of you deplore this mess at the SNCF.

9:14 : For TGVs, the SNCF had announced in the night that the trains would be slightly affected in the South-East region (Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier) and Atlantic-West (Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux), with 9 out of 10 trains but provided for normal traffic in the North and East.

9:14 : There is in particular "almost no train" in Auvergne, according to the SNCF, about twenty having been suppressed, while in Rhône-Alpes, the "trend" is 1 TER out of 2 and 80% of the TGV rolling in the area are in circulation.

9:12 : This work stoppage follows an accident on Wednesday night: a TER connecting Charleville-Mezieres to Reims hit an exceptional road convoy stuck on a level crossing in Saint-Pierre-sur-Vence (Ardennes).

10:14 : All the low cost trains Ouigo have been canceled for this day and the direction of the SNCF ensures that the users will be "automatically refunded by Wednesday, October 23".

10:18 : We start with the traditional point on the news:

As yesterday, the SNCF traffic remains very disturbed, the first day of the school holidays. All Ouigo trains are canceled. The detail is to read in our article.

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