"Did you start selling the coconut?" Her response displaces everyone


Belen, the B side on the beach is a scream. Hater: "Did you start selling the coconut?" Her response displaces everyone

Belen, The B side in beach it's a scream. Belen, on vacation at Maldives, post a mind-boggling photo. The Argentine showgirl is lying on the beach and the attention of the followers is captured by the hot curves. But the hater they are lurking. "On beach Did you start selling coconut? What you had to do if you didn't have the butterfly », writes a vitriolic follower. THE'hater but it makes a grammatical error, instead of writing "you put yourself", he writes "ti ai mass". Belen's answer is not long in coming: "You are mass, you write".

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Belen, social quarrel for the photo by the sea: "Go to work". And she: "I've been doing it since I was 16"

Belen, on Instagram the bikini photo in the Maldives. Wild fans: "Only you can afford it"

Boom of like for the answer of the Argentine showgirl. Which can continue to enjoy his honeymoon with Stefano De Martino.

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