Demonstration of Extinction Rebellion in Ottawa


(Ottawa) Activists from environmental group Extinction Rebellion meet Friday morning at Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa before conducting a disturbance activity nearby at the Laurier Bridge over the Rideau Canal.

The Canadian Press

A message posted on the agency's Facebook page suggests that vehicular and truck traffic on the bridge will be disrupted, but that pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users will be permitted on the long structure only a few dozen meters.

Extinction Rebellion explains that he blocks bridges because governments only listen when the usual routine is disrupted.

On October 8th, three activists of Extinction Rebellion climbed at dawn the metal structure of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal, causing for more than one hour the complete closure of this nerve-sharp road link at rush hour. . Significant traffic congestion erupted on the south shore of Montreal due to this event.

The three activists were arrested. They were released with a promise to appear and will have to appear in court next Thursday at the courthouse in Montreal. They could face charges of mischief and conspiracy.

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